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What is Enobot4.0?

Enobot4.0 is a virtual assistant that helps oenologist to make informed decisions for any fermentation related action required. It also facilitates operations for the winery personel.


Enobot4.0 contains data platform that centralises acquisition, storage, processing, transmission and display of real time collected data.


Platform interacts bidirectionally with users through an app.
The app shows the monitored parameters, forecast evolution, alerts in case of deviations, logs events, but also allows user to input manual samples, log measures taken or even personal notes.


Enobot4.0 mirrors in the digital world the physical world reality, offering all the data through an API for you to develop any other solution you may need a part from the ones Komsenso develops for you.





    Let us share some info about 2020 Campaign and results from the Satisfaction survey among our colaborators.

    70 / 8
    Received Samples
    4.33 / 5
    General Rating for Enobot4.0
    Reduces the reaction time in incidences

    Enobot4.0 in your Winery

    Fill the form and we will send you a report about the possibilities of sensorization for your winery, including costs, and whether your investment is elegible for some kind of subsidies or grants.

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      The company

      We are a tech company founded in 2017 originally oriented to provide lab equipments to Universidad de Valladolid 

      Currently we develop solutions for Industry4.0, concentrating our efforts on sensorization for the wine sector.


      What is Industry 4.0? [in Spanish]


      Our target is to lead the 4.0 revolution within the wine industry.


      We envision an ecosystem of companies that will change the wine sector, using technology as a bridge to link tradition with future, allowing wineries to keep producing the same high quality artisan products while improving safety, control, costs, and environmental impact. . 

      El Equipo

      What is Revolution 4.0?

      The so called “fourth industrial revolution” it is based on the cyberphysical devices or digital twins,
      building a digital representation that mirrors accurately the physical reality, in order to control, analyse, simulate and forecast events of the real world with the power of the digital tools. 

      First step is acquire automatically all the info involved on the value chain, digitize the processes in order to allow the development of tools over that info that will facilitate or localise the decision taking processes.

      Machines and production lines, but also materials, freights and fleets, and even workers are started to be mirrored into the digital world through IoT devices.

      Among its benefits we can already find:

      • Simplify industrial management
      • Logistic costs reduction
      • Successful predictive maintenance 
      • Energy saving
      • Reduction on scrapped materials.

      Our Values

      Digitasing the fields

      Revolution 4.0 cannot leave behind agriculture or its transformation.

      We need to develop high end technologies also in the rural areas. 

      Ecosystem Generation

      Komsenso does not want to grow alone. Our target is to create tools to facilitate other tech companies offer products and services over the knowledge and data extracted from digitized wineries. 

      We act local… but think global

      We are trying to impact locally on our surrounding wineries, but conceiving the product design looking forward to expand to both New World and Old World. 

      Committed with the emptied rural areas

      Our development and production facilities are both located on Villalpando, a small village in Zamora, Spain. We need to transfer talent and diversify the profesional profiles in the rural areas if we want to keep villages alive. 


      Committed with the environtment

      Another of our targets is to minimise product and energy consumption in the wine production processes, optimising as well the needs of additives through a better understanding of their impact and effects on the wine.

      Constant innovation

      We start with wine fermentation sensorization, but we do not plan to stop there. Komsenso is mainly a R+D company full of plans and leads to follow. 

      Something to tell us? Do it!

      Solving your query aside, we will not contact you under any circumstances. We will not add your info to our records and, of course, we will not share it with third parties either.

        Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic

        Arthur C. Clarke


        It’s a Kind Of Magic